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For a better future for all of us

What is the circular economy?

A systematic approach to economic development that intends to benefit businesses, society, and the environment. As opposed to the linear model of “take-use-throw away”, the circular economy renews itself and its goal is to tie the growth gradually to finite resource consumption.

כלכלה מעגלית | מיחזור | נייר חדרה

Efficiency and sustainability – the name of the game

Implementing a circular economy comes from the approach aspiring to leave resources in the manufacturing and consumption circle for a prolonged period of time and the importance of an economy that works optimally – for businesses of all sizes, from tiny to huge corporations. The basic principles of this method are recycling and reusing consumption products and raw material, as well as efficiency and saving.

What if we told you that you can build an economy that uses things instead of exploiting them?

We design products to allow minimizing their negative impact on the environment, from the raw material phase to using them.
A circular economy focuses on activities that preserve value in the form of energy and materials. Therefore, we make sure to design our products for endurance, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling to keep them as materials circulating the market – in a never-ending cycle.

כלכלה מעגלית | קיימות

The 3 main advantages of circular economy

Economic growth

Raw material savings

Preserving the environment

How do we do that?

אריזת קרטון | כרמל פרנקל

Manufacture of cardboard packaging

מתקן לאיסוף ומיחזור קרטון | אמניר

Collection and recycling of cardboard waste

גלילי נייר לקרטון | נייר חדרה

Production of recycled paper rolls for cardboard

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