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Graffiti was founded in 1993, and since then the company has served thousands of top businesses and institutions throughout the country. The range of products that the company offers is exceptionally wide and contains thousands of products in diverse fields such as office needs, paper, and its products, technology and peripherals, hobbies and crafts, furniture, food, and cleaning. The heart of Graffiti’s activity is marketing office needs to thousands of business clients, institutional entities, chains, and stores.

Also, Graffiti is the exclusive distributor of leading international brands in the field of office equipment in Israel, for example, CaranD’ance, Tesa, Max, Schneider, Artline, Uni-Ball imported exclusively by Graffiti’s subsidiary, Atar Marketing.

The company has an innovative and advanced website where you can order all the needs of your business and office at the click of a button.

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1. Go to the Graffiti website

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2. Choose from the huge variety of products

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3. Order everything at the click of a button

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4. Everything your business needs comes to you

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