Infinya Containerboard

Each roll has a history

The future is brown

Infinya Containerboard rolls are the beginning of a wonderful journey. And the brown paper from which they are made? Well, it’s the future.

The huge increase in online purchases all over the world causes an endless demand for Infinya Containerboard made from the brown paper just like the one produced in our factory. The brown paper production system produces about 320,000 tons of papers per year for the packaging industry! The system operates with advanced technology and the papers produced by us meet the highest quality standards and environmental standards. Every machine that produces the Infinya Containerboard is just huge; imagine you took a well-known mall and laid it on its side, this is the size of the machine – a strong and powerful Israeli industry.

The papers produced are used as raw materials for the corrugated Infinya Containerboard industry and the main use of them is ultimately for the production of corrugated Infinya Containerboard packaging. 60% – 70% of the brown paper produced by the giant machines is sold to the local market, and the rest we export to a variety of customers around the world. So you are probably asking – what do we make the papers from? The papers are made from recycled paper waste (Infinya Containerboard and newspaper), which is collected from various sources around the country, mainly by Amnir Recycling, which also belongs to the group – have we already said the wonders of the circular economy?

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מיחזור קרטון | כלכלה מעגלית

1. The recycled wood fibers undergo a process that combines water, chemicals, and steam - at the end, they will turn into brown pulp.

מפעל מיחזור | נייר חדרה

7. The new fibers will continue to an endless cycle of Infinya Containerboard made of 100% recycled paper

נייר חום | גלילי נייר לקרטון

2. Dry the water from the pulp until it becomes a large, dry sheet. The result - brown paper!

מיחזור | אמניר | נייר חדרה
איסוף פסולת | אמניר

6. The Infinya Containerboard waste will be collected for recycling where it will be turned into recycled fibers

נייר חום | נייר חדרה

3. The brown paper undergoes smoothing and enters huge machines that produce huge rolls of Infinya Containerboard.

How to produce paper for Infinya Containerboard?

אריזות קרטון | כרמל פרנקל

5. From the brown paper, we made the Infinya Containerboard packages that you are all familiar with.

גלילי נייר לקרטון | נייר חדרה

4. The rolls make their way to local corrugators or customers around the world


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