Over 70 years of winning Israeli industry

1951 Establishing the mill
Manai – “American Israeli paper mills”
היסטוריה | נייר חדרה
1953 Opening the mill
The first Hebrew paper mill begins operating in Hadera thanks to the investment of a group of Jewish American industrialists
אבני דרך | נייר חדרה
1959 Issuing the company
The company is starting to trade in the Tel Aviv stock market. Additionally, it is the first Israeli company traded in the Amex stock market in New York.
מניה נייר חדרה | בורסה לניירות ערך
1960 Purchasing machine no. 2
Operating to this day in the mill and makes cardboard paper rolls.
מכונה לייצור נייר לקרטון | נייר חדרה
1966 Israeli work
The last foreign worker that helped to establish and set up the mill is leaving Israel.
עובדים בתעשייה כחול לבן | נייר חדרה
1967 Purchasing machine no. 3
Making tissue paper, paper towels, and crepe paper.
מכונה 3 נייר חדרה | נייר טואלט
1967 Establishing Amnir Recycling
The goal – to collect paper waste for recycling and to reduce the use of imported cellulose.
איפה למחזר קרטון | נייר חדרה
1967 Establishing Hogla
The subsidiary Hogla is established and becomes the first company in Israel to produce toilet paper.
חוגלה | לוגו
1976 Purchasing machine no. 4
The machine begins its ongoing work to this day in making writing and printing papers. The mill at first produces 77,000 tons a year.
נייר לבן | ציר זמן נייר חדרה
1992 Joining Carmel Frenkel
We acquire the company “Carmel Container Systems”, producing corrugated cardboard for the cardboard packaging industry.
אריזות קרטון | אריזות למשלוחים | איך מייצרים קרטון
1992 Establishing Graffiti
We establish Graffiti to supply office needs to thousands of business clients, institutes, chains, and stores.
גרפיטי | נייר חדרה
1996 Hogla-Kimberly partnership
Signing a partnership agreement with the global company Kimberly Clark. Hogla becomes “Hogla-Kimberly Ltd.”
נייר טואלט | נייר חדרה
1999 Cooperation with Neusiedler
Manai signs strategic cooperation with the Austrian paper company, Neusiedler (now Mondi), which will become “Mondi – paper Hadera”.
מונדי | נייר חדרה
2007 The mill switches to using natural gas
Groundbreaking in the Israeli industry, as the first mill in the country to connect to natural gas.
גז טבעי | נייר חדרה
2007 Machine 8 begins working
Setting up an advanced paper machine in an investment of about 200 million USD.
נייר חום | נייר לקרטון | נייר חדרה
2008 Officially – Hadera paper ltd.
2010 Implementing the vision
Setting up an array to produce 100% recycled packaging paper. The largest and most advanced array in the Middle East.
גלילי קרטון | נייר חדרה
2015 Selling Hogla
Hogla is sold to the global company Kimberly Clark.
קימברלי קלארק | נייר חדרה
2015 Fimi Funds buys Hadera paper
The investment group Fimi, the leading private equity fund in Israel, buys Hadera paper as a move of trust and a promise for the future.
קרן פימי | נייר חדרה
2015 Hadera paper – packaging and recycling solutions
The company embraces a new strategy to focus on packaging, paper, and recycling. This strategy places the group as a pioneer in implementing the circular economy model in Israel.
2020 Peak production
Locking the decade with a peak year in production, manufacture, and collection, thanks to realizing investments and operational excellence.
ייצור קרטון | נייר חדרה
2022 Officially Infinya
Locking the decade with a peak year in production, manufacture, and collection, thanks to realizing investments and operational excellence.
ייצור קרטון | נייר חדרה
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