Terms of Use

Welcome to the Hadera Paper website (hereinafter: the “Website”), which is managed and operated by the Hadera Paper Company Ltd. (“Hadera Paper”).
Access to and use of the Site, including the various services offered on it, are subject to the terms of use set forth below (the “Terms of Use”), which govern the relationship between Hadera Paper and its customers who use the Site (hereinafter: “User” or “You”). The registration on the site or the actual use of it indicates your consent to the terms of use, and therefore you are asked to read them carefully. Understanding the terms below is your full and exclusive responsibility. The terms of use are worded in masculine language for convenience only, everything written is for women and men alike and anything written in singular form is also meant for plural, and vice versa. For the avoidance of doubt, the user definition above also includes users who are a corporation.

1. About the site
The site offers the user information about Hadera Paper and the services provided by it (hereinafter: “the Services”), as well as ways of contacting Hadera Paper for inquiries regarding the services and contents of the site and applying for a position at Hadera Paper.

2. General instructions regarding the use of the website
2.1. All rights of any kind, including intellectual property rights, on the Site, in content, designs, applications, tools, services, and other components on the Site, as well as in any invention, improvement, innovation, development, discovery, modification, creation, or distribution related to the Site and subject to any intellectual property rights (including patents, copyrights, designs, trade secrets and trademarks, including applications for registration of these rights) (hereinafter: “the intellectual property rights”) are the full and exclusive property of Hadera Paper and/or third parties authorized by Hadera Paper to use them. You will not have any right of any kind to the information, other than the right to use it for your personal needs only as a user of the site.
2.2. The term “Content” means any information of any kind, including (but not limited to): any document, record, image, photograph, illustration, animation, chart, character, video, audio file, video file, software, computer code, application, format, protocol, database, user interfaces, as well as any tag, sign, symbol, and icon; And everything, in any medium.
2.3. Hadera Paper hereby grants the user a limited, repatriate use license, which is not exclusive and cannot be transferred, assigned, or granted sub-licenses, to make personal use of the site and its contents, solely for the purposes described on the site and the terms of use; And all subject to the other provisions of the Terms of Use. Beyond the above, Hadera Paper does not grant, afford or waive any right or license, express or implied, in connection with the Site, the Content, and the intellectual property rights.
2.4. To the extent that the user submits recommendations or objections to Hadera Paper in connection with the Site or the Services, Hadera Paper may use them at its sole discretion without having to pay or compensate the User in any way for such recommendation or objection.
2.5. Hadera Paper reserves the right to change, add, correct, adapt, and do any other action on the site or in any part of it, at its sole discretion, without having to compensate the user or pay him in any way for such recommendation or objection, and the user will not make any claim against Hadera paper on this issue.
2.6. Without prejudice to the rights and remedies given to Hadera Paper under any law, Hadera Paper may block the user’s use of the Site, Services, or any part thereof, including in the event that, at its sole discretion, the User or anyone acting on his behalf performs any of the following: (A) Illegal act; (B) breach of the Terms of Use; (C) providing incorrect identification information; (D) an act of wrongdoing that could harm Hadera Paper or other users or the proper operation of the Site; Or (E) for any other reasonable reason.
2.7. Hadera Paper does not commit that (A) the Site will meet the user’s expectations or requirements; (B) the services and content offered on the Site shall be provided without interruption or error; Or (C) the site will be immune from unauthorized access to Hadera paper computers or malfunctions or failures in the hardware, software and any other communication system of Hadera paper and/or anyone on its behalf.

3. Prohibited use of the site
The right to use the site is for the user only. You undertake that you will not allow any third party to use the services or the contents of the site for consideration or without consideration. You agree that in connection with the use of the Site and the Services, you will not and will not do or allow others to do any of the following: (A) use the Services in a manner that alters their design or omits any content, including advertisements and commercial content; (B) use of the names and trademarks (whether registered or not) displayed on the site, without obtaining the consent of Hadera Paper and / or the prior consent of the rights holders therein, as the case may be; (C) Run any computer application or any other means, for the purpose of automatically searching, scanning, copying or retrieving content including software such as Crawlers, Robots and the like; (D) any use of the contents of the site, including information and images for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of the rights holders, as the case may be, or not for the purposes of the services or in violation of the terms of use; (E) copying, duplicating, printing, re-editing or distributing, marketing, using or passing on to others, in any way, content appearing on the Site whether it is information or images including by displaying it in a visible or hidden frame and using embedded links, not in accordance with the terms of the site and the terms of use, and without obtaining the consent of the rights holders in advance and in writing, as the case may be; (F) the broadcast or transmission in any way of content from the Site, including the publication of any output of the Information, whether printed or provided as a file by magnetic means or otherwise; And (G) any action that is not in accordance with the provisions of any law or in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the site and Hadera Paper, or that infringes on the rights of third parties.

4. Links and publications
Various parts of the information and images on the site are displayed following the agreements between Hadera Paper and third parties. Also, the site may include links to pages, applications, and various sites on the Internet that are not managed or operated by Hadera Paper or by anyone on its behalf. The copyrights and images on these sites belong to third parties. Hadera Paper does not control or monitor such pages, applications, and sites, and the fact that Hadera Paper links to this content does not indicate its consent to their content and does not constitute a guarantee of their reliability, being up-to-date, or their legality. Hadera Paper will not be responsible for this content, and will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the user or any third party as a result of the use of such pages, applications, and websites. The use of these pages, applications, and sites is subject to the terms of use and the terms of privacy appearing on them, and not to the terms of use and terms of privacy of Hadera Paper and is made at the sole responsibility of the user. We encourage you to exercise discretion and carefully review the terms of use and privacy of each such page, application, and site.

5. Privacy Policy
By using the website, you acknowledge and agree that Hadera Paper may collect certain data and additional information about users through the website. Hadera Paper respects the privacy of users of the site and will act following the provisions of any law.

6. Liability and indemnification
6.1. The information published on the site is for general and informative purposes only, and is provided as a service to you only. Use of the Site is at your sole and complete responsibility. The site, services, and content on the site are offered as-is, without warranty of any kind subject to any law. You declare that you will not have any claim regarding the adaptation of the services to your needs. You declare that Hadera Paper is not responsible for the content of the information and any use made of it, and the publication of the information does not give you any right to rely on the information without checking it independently with Hadera Paper and regardless of the publication of the site. You declare that you are aware that Hadera Paper is not responsible for any use you make whether directly or indirectly of services and information and that you are solely and fully responsible for any use you make of the Services and Information. Without derogating from the aforesaid, it should be noted that some of the information published on the website is information of an economic nature. Use of this information requires independent review and verification by you. Also, reliance on this information will be at your own risk. Hadera Paper will not be held responsible for any errors that may occur in the information and its publication does not contain any recommendation or opinion.
6.2. Hadera Paper may change any aspect of the Site, and all without needing to issue prior notice. Such changes will be made, inter alia, taking into account the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes that are taking place in it. By their nature, such changes may involve malfunctions or initially cause discomfort. You declare that you will not have any claim or suit against Hadera Paper in respect of making such changes or malfunctions that may occur in the course of their implementation.
6.3. Hadera Paper works to ensure that the content is as correct and accurate as possible, however, the content may not be complete and alternatively, there may be defects, errors, or inaccuracies in the information or the way it is transmitted to you (including interruptions, errors, damage or malfunctions) and all due to technical faults, human error, or in respect of third parties or for various other reasons. Hadera Paper or anyone acting on its behalf will not bear any responsibility, direct or indirect, financial or otherwise, for inaccuracies or errors made concerning the content appearing on the site or for any result or damage resulting from using the site or services, including relying on published content on the site. The user will not have any claim, demand, or cause of action against Hadera Paper or anyone on its behalf in connection with the site, including the availability of the contents, malfunctions, results of its use, etc., and to the extent that you have any claim, whether known to you or in the future, by agreeing to these terms you waive it irrevocably.
6.4. You agree that Hadera Paper, including its managers, employees, and anyone acting on its behalf, shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to you or any third party in respect of (A) the use of the information or its contents or the cancellation or termination of services including disruptions or failure to transmit the information, whether caused intentionally by any third party or caused by any malfunction; Or (B) the use of the site and services and/or any technical problem. The user will not have any claim, demand, or cause of action against Hadera Paper or anyone on its behalf in connection with the site, including its use, availability of content, malfunctions, results of its use, etc., and as far as there is or maybe any such claim, whether known to you or if you become aware of this in the future, by accepting these terms you waive it irrevocably.
6.5 Hadera Paper takes various security measures to maintain the privacy of users and the information provided on the site. However, the site may be exposed to security breaches or intrusions into its servers. Use of the site releases Hadera Paper or anyone on its behalf from any liability for any damage caused to the user or anyone on his behalf due to misuse made on the site, including security breaches and intrusion into the site’s servers to disclose information about users.
6.6. The user hereby undertakes to compensate and indemnify Hadera Paper and all workers on its behalf or its behalf, immediately upon the first claim of Hadera Paper, for any damage, loss, liability, or expense, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses that any of them may incur as a result of using the Site or the services by the user, including in respect of any act or oversight on the part of the user that is contrary to the provisions of these terms of use, and including in respect of any claim, demand or cause of action of a third party arising from any act or oversight of the user. Hadera Paper reserves the right to assume the exclusive protection and control of the legal proceedings in any such matter. The right of Hadera Paper as aforesaid will not relieve the user of his obligations to indemnify in any case, and the user undertakes to fully cooperate with Hadera Paper or anyone on its behalf for this purpose, including by providing information and materials in his possession. The user agrees not to reach a compromise on any matter subject to his indemnification obligations, as set forth above, without obtaining the express consent of Hadera Paper in advance and writing.

7. General
7.1. Hadera Paper may from time to time change the structure of the site, its contents, appearance and design, the scope and availability of the services at its sole discretion or change any other thing or aspect involved in the site (including complete cessation of the services provided through it), and all – without prior notice. By their very nature, such changes may involve malfunctions and inconveniences whether for a fixed period or permanently. You will not have any claim, argument, or demand against Hadera Paper or anyone on its behalf in respect of such changes or malfunctions that will occur due to or incidentally to making them.
7.2. By using the website, you declare that you are aware that the website operates on the Internet and by its nature, it depends on various factors such as communication and infrastructure providers, servers, and so on. Hadera Paper does not guarantee the full availability of the site or proper activity.
7.3. Hadera Paper may, in its sole discretion, change the provisions of the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, without the need for prior notice. Any update to the terms of use will be binding for all users of the site from the date of its publication on the site.
7.4. You declare and undertake that you are aware of the terms of use of the site, and agree to their instructions and that you will not have any claim or lawsuit against Hadera Paper. Without derogating from the aforesaid, these terms of use will form the legal basis for any discussion between the user of the site and Hadera Paper or anyone on its behalf.
7.5. Only the laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the use of the site and the services, including any argument, dispute, or legal proceeding related to these terms of use. The exclusive place of jurisdiction in any legal proceeding concerning the use of the website or these terms of use, whether directly or indirectly, will be in the certified courts in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District, Israel only.
7.6. Hadera Paper may pass and/or assign and/or transfer its rights and/or obligations under the Terms of Use at any time to any third party without the consent of the user.
7.7. If it is determined that any part of the Terms of Use is invalid, or unenforceable, then the terms whose validity has been revoked or unenforceable will be deemed to have been replaced by valid and enforceable terms whose content conforms to the original terms, while the other terms of use will remain in force as written.
7.8. Hadera Paper delaying or refraining from exercising or enforcing its right under the Terms of Use shall not be deemed as a waiver or as a precondition on its part to exercise its rights in the future, and it shall be entitled to exercise all or part of its rights at any time unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing by Hadera Paper.
7.9. If you have any questions regarding the terms of use and/or the privacy policy, you are welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to anatr@hadera-paper.co.il.