Our vision

Leading the Circular economy in Israel

Hadera Paper Group aims to lead the world of packaging and recycling in Israel while implementing and applying principles of the circular economy.

We made it our trademark to promote sustainability and we invest great resources on this in all company mills to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and to meet strict standards.
As a public company traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange, we aspire to be a growing, efficient, profitable company that adjusts itself to a changing market and producing revenue for shareholders in any market condition.
The heart of our approach is creating integration and increasing synergy among our fields of operation. The value chain arising from this model yields substantial values such as a solution to heavy ecological challenges by minimizing waste and recycling it, advanced green production processes, switching to environmentally friendly raw materials, and ensuring the quality of secondary raw materials.

Principles of our vision

Circular economy

We are committed to maintaining a value chain whose beginning and end are the end client, and that is expressed in vertical integration between the group activities.

Protecting the environment and managing resource consumption

We are committed to protecting the environment in all our sites while taking active steps to always improve in that regard. Additionally, we are committed to streamlining the energy and water consumption required for our activity via a strict approach to manage waste and material consumption.


As a group operating in a changing market, we are always committed to promoting product and operation innovation as the main growth engine to ensure that even in changing competitive conditions and strict environmental standards, the company stays top-notch.

Operational excellence

As a leading manufacturing group, we are committed to teamwork and problem solving by focusing on client needs, empowering workers, and constant streamlining of ongoing activity in the manufacturing process.

Human capital

We are committed to maintaining a supportive work environment for all employees in the group regardless of religion, race, and gender. We much allow diversity and equal opportunity and refrain from any discrimination. Additionally, we are committed to nurturing an organizational culture that encourages excellence and efficacy.


We are committed to acting ethically, responsibly, and professionally, including meticulously complying with the law.

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