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We are the only manufacturer in Israel of white paper, intended for various uses such as office, direct mail, printing, and more. The quality of the papers produced meets the most stringent quality standards in the world and is in line with the requirements of the Standards Institute.

We produce about 130,000 tons of white paper a year and operate under FSC approval (all papers come from managed forests and support the concept of environmental responsibility). Our activities in this field include the production and marketing of writing and printing papers, and marketing of imported papers, such as coated paper and other special papers that are not produced by us, as a complement to the product basket.

The company has rights to distribution and cooperation with leading international companies in the world, including:

APP – a leading global paper products corporation. The products made by it are known for their printing results and excellent running capabilities as well as a particularly high appearance, structure, and volume.

Stora Enso – an international corporation for quality chromo paper products.

Reno De Medici – a European company specializing in recycled paper products.

We are promoting a procedure for converting the production machine in this field so that you can also produce recycled cardboard paper rolls. Upon completion of the move, the company’s production machine in the field of writing and printing paper rolls will, also, be able to produce cardboard paper rolls.

נייר לבן | נייר חדרה
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תאית | נייר חדרה

1. Cellulose from dedicated trees, bleached before delivery to us, undergoes "priming" with the help of water, chemicals, and chalk.

מכונת נייר | מפעל נייר

2. The resulting pulp is fed to the paper machine and colors are added to it that make up the type of whiteness in the paper.

נייר לבן | בתי דפוס

3. Weave the cellulose homogeneously on the machine grid to dry, the result - white paper of uniform thickness.

נייר לבן | נייר חדרה

4. The finished white paper undergoes smoothing and starch coating for hardening.

נייר לבן | מכונות גימור וחיתוך

5. The resulting roll is transferred to a finishing machine where it will be cut into additional rolls for further processing of the paper.

נייר לבן | בתי דפוס | נייר צילום

6. The small rolls will be cut into sheets or shipped as a finished product to printing houses and processing plants.

מה מייצרים מהנייר הלבן? | נייר חדרה

7. You can find the products made from our white paper in every home in Israel.

פח מיחזור | מיחזור נייר

8. Do not forget to throw the used paper in the recycling bins!

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